The Beatles — One After 909 (Lennon/McCartney)

My baby said she’s trav’ling on the one after 909,
I said, «A-move over, honey, I’m travelling on that line».
I said move over once, move over twice,
Come on baby, don’t be cold as ice.
Said she’s trav’lin’ on the one after 909.

I begged her not to go
And I begged her on my bended knees (oh yeah!)
You’re only fooling ’round, only fooling ’round with me.

Picked up my bag, run to the station,
Railman said, «You’ve got the wrong location».
Picked up my bag, run right home.
Then I find I’ve got the number wrong.

«Oh Danny boy, the Isles of Ken are calling…»