The Beatles — Dig A Pony (Lennon/McCartney)

«One, two, three…»
«Hold it! Ah…»
«One, two, three!»

I dig a pony.
Well, you can celebrate anything you want,
Yes, you can celebrate anything you want.

I do a road hog.
Well you can penetrate any place you go.

I told you so, all I want is you.
Ev’rything has gotta be just like you want it to.

I pick a moondog.
Well you can radiate ev’rything you are.

I roll a stoney.
Well you can imitate ev’ryone you know.

I feel the wind blow.
Well you can indicate anything you see.

I cold and lonely.
Well you can syndicate any boat you row.

«Thank you, brothers»
«Me hands getting, too cold to play the chords»